Prediction 1: The Earth will be just fine

Don’t worry. It’s just a staging environment.

Earth-firsters, rejoice! The planet is going to be alright. A-Ok. Fish, birds, cute and cuddly creatures of all shapes and stripes will thrive in spite of ourselves. Carbon dioxide levels will, like empires, rise and fall. Cows will fart, coral will bleach and return, ice will melt, and water will freeze. Polar bears will have full tummies. Bees will pollinate.

Everything comes and goes, manifests and grows, decays, dies, and disintegrates. Worry about it if you must. Suffer your thoughts about it if you desire. But you cannot fix it. You cannot change it. It can only change you. There is peace is un-knowing. In unknowning. The Earth is a staging environment, perfectly designed to imperfection. It is unspeakably phenomenal and fleeting. Enjoy your time here.

Manifestation –> Experience –> Disintegration

For some it’s heaven. For others it’s hell. What will you make of it?

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