Prediction 3: Words and their meanings will again matter

In a war of headlines and their respective underlying implications, it can be difficult to parse the truth, or, absent such certitude, the general direction of what is.

Doestradamus promises to do his level best, though, right or wrong.

Today, a headline dropped, right beside a second headline that helps to clarify the first, even if in backhanded way. The first:

The Joe Biden Administration, you see, says the MAGA movement is like “semi-fascism.” Wowzers. That’s a pretty bold statement. I’m sure the anti-Trump partisans have plenty of data points to prove the actuality of the claim: rallies, red hats, appeals to emotion and patriotism, etc. (Doestradamus is intentionally not including “attempted insurrection” in the mix because real insurrectionists definitionally attempt to actually seize the levers of state power, bring military-grade forces and weaponry, do not take selfies, and do not go home in the afternoon. A real insurrection would not require agents provocateur, nor would it require a pliant, corrupt media repeating the mantra “insurrection!” endlessly and at every opportunity to remind people who would otherwise forget about the boneheaded riot at the capitol.)

At practically the same moment that the first headline dropped, a second headline appeared:

Double wowzers! Zuckerberg actually goes on Rogan and drops this (not-so) bombshell, confirming what many who’ve been paying attention likely already knew. Another conspiracy theory bites the dust.

So, what is Doestradamus’s interpretation? While a tech oligarch, likely at the urging of his lawyers (i.e. go public to head off any future conspiracy charges), confesses to his naughty, the Biden admin runs distraction with a sensational headline of its own.

What better way to deflect from actual fascism (i.e. the FBI and private enterprise colluding) than by trumpeting at best accusatory allegations of “semi-fascism” — a meaningless phrase designed by dissembling, prevaricating insiders.

Words mean things, friends, and Doestradamus predicts that pre-2020 editions of dictionaries will be hot commodities in the near future as truth-hungry citizens attempt to rediscover the meaning of words.

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